A vision for decentralized healthcare

The on-going pandemic has revealed the inadequacy of national healthcare systems – which has turned severe, in regard of the access to medical assistance. The main struggles have been recorded in the management of hospitals’ infrastructures overloaded by a larger amount of patients.

The activation of innovative health clinic models on local communities territory – based upon smart healthcare frameworks and recognised by public administrations – might support a process of “de-hospitalization”, leading to widespread infrastructures as much flexible, sustainable, inclusive and democratic as possible.

In the meanwhile of Italy’s lockdown, our work has been focused on the design of a Class 1 medical device, to help users monitoring their vitals and sharing records in a safe blockchain ecosystem.

This prototype is part of a larger concept for an innovative healthcare model, driven by open and accessible technology. Digital fabrication is at the core, enabling everyone to build the final device.

The project will be presented at Fabbrica del Vapore, during Milano Design City.


Hosted by:
Design Open’ Spaces 2020 ¦ Fabbrica del Vapore
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Smogware Workshop
06th→10th Oct 2020

Every day, unknowingly, we breathe fine dust with negative impacts on our health. Architect Iris de Kievith and designer Annemarie Piscaer found a way to harvest the dust and to use it for ceramic glazing, creating a new porcelain tableware. The colourful glazing created from the captured dust makes the (poor) air quality visible, even tangible.

The use of ordinary dishes is just as usual and intimate as breathing, turning to a suitable mean to foster awareness on air quality matter. Initially the new tableware is produced using the air pollution of Rotterdam. As a way of participative urban mining, people in each city can help harvesting the dust in their most polluted city roads.

You can also participate in the Smogware project: we’ll be hosting the first “SmogWalk” workshop in Milan, to support the debate about air quality, while connecting people from unusual domains.

Part of the program will engage people to go harvesting dust in most polluted city roads and urban areas. The dust will be collectively developed into a glaze, to be applied on a porcelain surface.

After firing in a kiln, final products will be gifted to workshop participants.


In partnership with:
Smogware Project ¦ Studio Dust ¦ Design Open’ Spaces 2020
Fabbrica del Vapore ¦ Tempio del Futuro Perduto