Decentralized healthcare


The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated with unprecedented force what several experts in various fields have been saying for decades: we urgently need to rethink and change our lifestyles, our development and consumption patterns, finding a balance with the world we live in.
The virus and the phenomena it is triggering or accelerating must be seen as a consequence of interconnections, which not only affect the health but also intersect with environmental and social issues.

The aim of the project is to stimulate critical thinking through the conceptualization and visualization of systemic and complex design hypotheses, that highlight the urgency of change and transitions and can contribute to the development of new paradigms of normality; to demonstrate that there is the possibility to hybridize the current system with alternative models of social organization, welfare and economic management, and relationship with the environment in order to make our way of life on the planet more sustainable and democratic.

We believe that to design and promote these processes it is necessary to start from a local dimension, trying to create decentralised models that are replicable and exportable, in order to generate a new network of efficient and sustainable connections.

What is being presented is the project related to healthcare and focused on public, local and outpatient dimension. The full project will take into consideration other areas of interest such as environmental sustainability and the requalification of the territory, trying to put all these areas in relations.
The ecosystem created, and which constitutes the design foundation, is based on blockchain technology and its DeFi and D.A.O. applications.

We are currently working on the development of the entire project that will be shown through steps and milestones, proceeding in a zoom-out that will accompany the observer in the visualization, understanding and enjoyment of the entire system hypothesized.

Technological enabling: blockchain and DAO

This project integrates the blockchain infrastructure to decentralise and, therefore, secure the data of the different users. As will be discussed later, the activation of this ecosystem depends on the collaboration with the current public health system, which is required to guarantee its decentralized and closed structure, to make sure that the data are not accessible to anyone. Certified entities will then be required to allow access to the network to a user.

The D.A.O. system will instead regulate the voluntary relationship of the users with the clinic, who will be able to contribute to the activities of the same, obtaining tokens that can be used to propose new projects or management changes.

First step

Outpatient clinic: digital fabrication

Outpatient clinic: immersive therapies

Outpatient clinic: traditional healthcare and patient monitoring